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For questions and reservations you can fill in the contact form, the telephone number can also be found below. For the route, scroll a little further down.

From Breda it is 1100 km to Albugue.

The fastest way is via Clermont-Ferrand (A71 and A75). But you can also drive over Brive-la-Gaillarde (A20), if you want to pay less toll.

If you drive on the A75,  you can leave the motorway at junction 44.1 and drive through Villefranche-de-Panat and Réquista (small roads). Or, if you want a slightly less winding road, you can turn off at junction 46, then you will drive over the famous Millau viaduct, via Saint-Affrique and Saint-Sernin.

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12550 Brasc


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0033 6 8665 2785


0033 5 6599 7322

0033 7 8698 9309


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